Do candidates believe social media is worth spending millions? Yes.

According to Jason Kenney of Bearing Drift, in 2008 McCain spent $3.6 million to Obama’s $16M. This past election, Obama spent ten times what Romney spent at $47 million dollars just for digital or social media. The Pew Center reported that 26% of voters were influenced by social media,

"1-in-4 voters were educated and influenced by a tweet or status update or infographic or video or whatever they engaged with on their platforms of choice.”

Alan D. Mutter discusses this phenomenon on his blogTwitter engineering reported  handling 17 times as many “election-related” tweets on election day 2012, with a whopping 31 million tweets. New York Times website traffic was 75% higher on November 6th in 2008, according to Justin Ellis of the Nieman Journalism Lab.

It’s up to you to use these tools to weigh in on issues affecting your city and neighborhood. Will elected representatives continue to communicate with citizens through social media?

Socializing Media for Civic Engagement

Register! Vote! Now what? Take the next step: be an informed and active citizen. Young people can bring our voices together for the issues that matter to us. Communicating with representatives and advocates happens online. Let your followers know what you think is important. Share what you've found or learned.

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